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Bad breath or halitosis. A common disorder.


Malodor. A quite common disorder.

People suffering from halitosis experience  great discomfort in social relations. In most (90%) cases the cause has to be looked for in the mouth. Bacterial plaque, tartar, cavities from caries and untreated infected roots are a breeding-ground for germs producing bad smelling compounds, called VSC (Volatile Sulfur Compounds). Tongue also, especially in its posterior part, may become colonized by bacteria.

Preventing halitosis means following simple prescriptions: a correct oral hygiene, periodical control visit at the dentist’s, brushing also the tongue from the back to the front.

Halitosis may be favored also by diabetes or factors causing dryness of the mouth, such as breathing through the mouth (and not through the nose), some drugs, smoking.

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Halitosis: the multidisciplinary approach