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Why is smoke so harmful for dental implants?

Sensitive teeth. Causes and therapy

Dentinal hypersensitivity

The dentist can detect the cause of hypersensitivity and propose the most appropriate therapy according to the case. Often, treatment relies on following simple recommendations to be carried out at home.

Many people, especially between 35 and 50, may feel complaint or even pain when sweet or sour, or cold or hot food gets in touch with the tooth neck. Practically, teeth have become over-sensitive.

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The link between smoke and implant failures

Data show that smoke is the first cause, after aging, that leads to periimplant bone loss.

416 subjects, undergoing caries treatment at the Washington University, were examined through X-rays to assess bone loss in relation to aging. 73.9% of young people and 100% of the aged ones showing bone loss were smokers.

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The Dental Dam: is it really useful?

The dental dam is of paramount importance to provide a high quality treatment.

Many dental treatments call for the isolation of the teeth from the remainder of the mouth, in order to provide a high-quality treatment. This is particularly true for endodontic and conservative therapies. Conservative dentistry is the branch that deals with the restoration of the single tooth by applying different techniques and materials as, for example, composite resins. As the word says, conservative dentistry aims to preserve the tooth and to reconstruct it at the best to maintain it over time.

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Low cost-dentists. Health is not something you can joke about.

Don’t be tempted, trust only who gives you quality and safety.

The story of the low-cost dental centre in Milano that was forcibly closed after its Spanish managers ran off with all the money, has unleashed a series of actions by dentists and dental associations. Syndicates and the Dentists’ Order – speaking to an imaginary patient – said “That’s what happens when you look for price instead of competence”. The Milan and National Italian Dental Association (ANDI) have...

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Alteration of the normal color of teeth

Can a dental implant be rejected?

Dental implants rejection.

Bacterial infection is the most common cause of implant failure. There are several secondary causes that act as co-factors favoring or accelerating the infective processes.

Can a dental implant be rejected? The answer is NO! In order to answer analytically to such a question, let’s see in details which are the causes that can lead to lose an implant.

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Teeth abnormal colors.

A change in the color of the teeth may be determined by exogenous or endogenous factors.

Changes in teeth color (Barone et al, 1995) may look as stains or affect all the tooth exposed surface. Color may change from yellow to brown or from blue-green to red. Sometimes they may show as discoloration of the surrounding enamel. According to the Arens, Nonato and Colura classification, endogenous and exogenous factors...

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Bad breath or halitosis. A common disorder.

Malodor. A quite common disorder.

People suffering from halitosis experience  great discomfort in social relations. In most (90%) cases the cause has to be looked for in the mouth. Bacterial plaque, tartar, cavities from caries and untreated infected roots are a breeding-ground for germs producing bad smelling compounds, called VSC (Volatile Sulfur Compounds). Tongue also, especially in its posterior part, may become colonized by bacteria.

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What a nuisance in my mouth, are they aphthae?

A survey on dentists. “Altroconsumo” rewards the Civitali Dental Center

Praises by Altroconsumo to the Civitali Dental Center

The survey has been performed independently and anonymously, which is a characteristic feature of all surveys done both by the association and the journal.

The Altroconsumo Association has rewarded the Civitali Dental and Prosthetic Center as “The Best” after a survey involving 24 dental centers. Altroconsumo is the first and most well-known Consumers’ Association in Italy, counting more than 300,000 members.

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Recurrent aphthous stomatitis

Aphthae often begin with an itching or burning sensation at the site where they will develop. After some days a red area or a bubble creates, later becoming a little open ulceration. It looks as an oval, white-yellow opening, surrounded by a red inflamed area. Its diameter is usually 3-4 mm, but it may become greater than 1 cm in most severe cases. It can even be smaller than 1 mm. It causes a stinging pain.

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dental Caries. The process destructing tooth tissues.

Dental caries are a destructive process affecting dental hard tissues, caused by cariogenic bacteria.

Dental caries are a destructive process affecting dental hard tissues. They consist in the progressive demineralization of the enamel and dentine, the hard tissues constituting the tooth. The cariogenic process develops because of the acids produced by the bacterial plaque.

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