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The Charter of Services


Our Mission:

To provide a high-quality dental service while maintaining constant communication with the patient, in a relationship based on trust, developed over time.

The Team at the Civitali Dental Centre delivers the whole range of Dental Treatments to all kind of patients: from children to aged people. Treatment is delivered also to the handicapped, who can access the Centre easily, directly from the front street.

Therapies may be performed also under conscious sedation, by nitrous oxide inhalation. 

For more complex treatments, and when patients are phobic or cannot be treated under conscious sedation, the Civitali Centre Team exploit surgical rooms featuring all the equipment needed to perform General Anesthesia to allow treatment completion.

First Visit

As you get to the waiting room, you will be required to fill in the anamnestic form providing both personal data and information about your own past and present health state.

Having filled in the form, you will meet the dentist in the operating room where, together with him/her, you will go through the information just provided.

The dentist will proceed to the objective examination of the oral cavity, inspecting both soft and hard tissues. Then, intra-and/or extra-oral X-rays may be collected, together with pictures of the oral cavity that will allow the Doctor to discuss the situation with you properly.

In some cases, the dentist will be in a position of formulating a diagnosis already at this stage. Sometimes, instead, it will be necessary to widen the investigation and the Dentist will prescribe you additional exams (panoramic or intraoral X-rays, diagnostic models, CT scans etc.). Therefore, the definitive diagnosis and the formulation of the therapeutic plan will be postponed.

At the end of the first visit, you will sit again in the waiting room, while the dentist fills in your Medical Record. The administrative office will then print the Preliminary or Definitive treatment plan and will provide you with a quotation.

The Treatment Plan

The treatment plan, simple or complex, describes the therapeutic path to obtain the planned results. It consists in the set of therapies needed to treat the specific dental or teeth supporting tissue disorder and restore the lost functionality.

The treatment plan is the result of a visit and a diagnosis, completed by radiographic exams, models of the dental arches, diagnostic wax-ups, pictures and, if needed, extra-oral simulations.

The Preliminary treatment plan provides either for the therapies needed in a matter of urgency, or the preliminary treatments needed to perform, later, a re-assessment of the patient state in order to design the definitive plan.

The Definitive treatment plan envisages all treatments aiming to restore the integrity of teeth or their supporting tissues and/or to rehabilitate the most severe conditions, when teeth have been extracted and have to be replaced.

Managing Appointments and the Treatment Plan.

Managing Appointments and the Treatment Plan.

The Civitali Dental and Prosthetic Centre opens:

From Monday to Friday, from 8.30 AM to 8.00 PM

On Saturday Morning: from 8.30 AM to 2.30 PM

After the treatment plan has been developed, appointments are set between the patient and the dental specialist who will perform the therapy.

For complex plans, the patient will be followed by more specialists, operating in synergy. The progress of therapy is constantly monitored by the Centre Health Director and by the dentist who has designed the treatment plan, who is constantly updated about the patient therapy course from each collaborator. 

Appointments are scheduled trying to satisfy the patient’s needs according to the availability of each specialist. Managing appointments, especially for a complex treatment plan involving many operators, is a demanding task for the administrative personnel who have to coordinate the activity of different operators, often acting in a precise sequence. Showing up at each appointment in due time is fundamental since rescheduling would mean changing the whole set of appointments.

The Centre and all its operators put all their efforts in respecting the schedule of each patient. We ask the patient to show the same attitude.

The Civitali Centre provides a phone “Remainder Service”: the patient receives a call on the day before the appointment, reminding him/her about the time the appointment is scheduled at.

If cancelling is absolutely necessary, it must be done not later than two days before the appointment.

Payment Methods

We will agree payment terms with the patient before beginning any set of therapies, at the moment when the Treatment Plan and the quotation are signed. Payment methods can vary according to the type and duration of treatments and to the final amount to be paid. Civitali Centre administrative office reserves the right to make its final decision about the terms.

Below you will find some terms we usually apply:

50% advance, the balance is paid before the treatment ends.

For stand-alone services you will be required to pay in advance.

Monthly installments for long duration therapies


Regardless of the duration of therapies, the Centro Dentalnarco gives the possibility to get an interest-free or a soft loan depending on the treatment to be performed and its duration. The line of credit is opened at the Centre, at the administrative office, after all necessary forms have been filled in and the finance company has approved it.

The administrative office will give patients who benefit from a direct refund by an insurance or a similar fund all the assistance needed to perform the steps required to get the reimbursement, as filling in the refund forms or providing preliminary treatment plans.

At the Civitali Centre  we accept cash, cheques, ATM cards, Visa,  Mastercard, American Express credit cards and bank transfers.

Periodic recall service

The patient’s oral health is the Civitali Centre primary aim. 

Prevention is the key to preserve it. It relies on an adequate oral hygiene, on correct dietary habits and on periodic professional controls.

The Dental Centre, therefore, carries out a strict patient recall service. The recall schedule is decided by the Centre different specialists, depending on the patient’s condition and the treatments performed.

Some periodontal disorders require frequent oral hygiene sessions (once every 3-4 months). Implantology treatments may ask for a constant monitoring of the implant condition, usually once every six months or yearly. A yearly control visit may be sufficient when oral hygiene is good and the patient carries out oral hygiene at home properly. 

The administrative office will contact you when the deadline approaches, by sending you a letter or calling you on the phone, according to the contact method you have previously agreed.

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